About Yoga Safari Tanzania

Taking space is an important part in keeping ourselves balanced and instep, consistency supports us as we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and reconnect with our needs. That's why we at Yoga Safari Tanzania prefer small group tours, that means only 6 people, 1 yoga teacher, 1 guide and a whole lot of wildlife will be joining you on your journey.

We work to provide you the quite space and peace of mind needed to nurture a connection with self, creating an opportunity to be curious as you cultivate inward, learning, laughing and loving along the way.

Brought together through a mutual love of travel, yoga and wildlife, our yoga safari will provide you with an amazing experience you will treasure for your entire life right in the very home of safaris; Tanzania. 

Tizia and Tini

The German-Tanzanian couple have lived in Arusha since 2015, running a tour company and a NGO. 
A tour guide by profession, Tini loves nature and besides safari experience, he has summited both Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru. He loves to share his culture with travelers, providing them insight and guiding them to further understanding of Tanzanian life.

Tizia studied Cultural Anthropology and has lived in Tanzania for almost a decade, travelling, volunteering and working. Being a traveller herself Tizia know what it takes to make your time in Tanzania extraordinary.
Her first yoga experience was in 2014 immediately fell in love and has consistatly returned to yoga as a way to grow into herself.